Teen Leadership Camps

This looked just like what our Christian teens need and I wanted to
pass the information along.


Teen Leadership Camps


June 6-12 ·
Les Sillars, A.B.D.
Here is the chance to simulate a real-life journalistic setting,
including the production of a newspaper issue. This camp will create
a virtual news world right on the campus of PHC, with several
competing newspapers assigning tasks of discovering, reporting, and
writing news stories. Attendees will interact with and learn from
Christian journalists and other notable figures in the Washington
D.C. political arena. Also included in this camp is a guided trip to
Washington D.C. If journalism stirs your blood, this is the camp for

June 13-19 ·

Eliot A. Jardines, MS Strategic Intelligence

“Our spies and intelligence agencies —from Nathan Hale to Midway,
from OSS to CIA— have not written just a striking, stirring chapter
in our history but have often provided the key to victory in war and
the preservation of our freedom during an uneasy peace.”

– President Ronald Reagan

Do you have what it takes to join the ranks of America’s first line
of defense? To find out, spend a week living the life of an
Intelligence Officer. You’ll receive a new identity, communicate
secretly, conduct operations and analyze intelligence to fulfill
your mission. Learn tradecraft firsthand from real intelligence
practitioners; receive tours and briefings so sensitive we’re not
allowed to mention them here. Come be part of a camp like no other.

June 20-July 3 ·

Rachel Williams
PHC Debater, Former NCFCA Debater, Champion in National
Parliamentary Debate Association

Academic debate provides a forum for developing communication and
critical thinking skills which aid in the defense of one’s beliefs
through coherent arguments. During this two-week camp you will
practice debating, hear lectures, and spend time researching the
2004-2005 topic of the National Christian Forensics & Communi-cation
Association (NCFCA). Classes will emphasize debate theory, case
construction, refutation and strategy. In small “lab” groups you
will interact with other campers and a lab group leader in
discussing case ideas and conducting research with some of the
college’s best academic databases and research sources. To aid in
this research, laptops will be provided. At the end of two weeks,
the camp will host a tournament giving you the opportunity to test
your debate skills and knowledge.
(While debate experience is not required, this exciting camp is

July 11-17 ·

Alan Snyder, Ph.D.

Recapture the turning points in American history: those moments that
helped determine the future of the Republic-for good or ill! Revisit
the spirit of the Pilgrim Fathers and the fervor of the men who
established this nation. Examine how a civil war tested the resolve
of a nation that had begun a mere “four score and seven years”
before. Discover the major shifts that took place during Franklin
Roosevelt’s New Deal and Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, and ask
yourself what must be done to reestablish America’s Biblical roots.
During this week we will travel to Washington, D.C. and to
Gettysburg to ponder the meaning of the sacrifices made by so many
who fought for the American vision. If you love American history, or
if you want to know how history directly relates to today, this is
the week for you!

July 18-24 ·

Arising Light Productions

Throughout this intense one-week camp, students will receive
professional training in acting while pursuing excellence in
Christian art. Students will be instructed in the art of acting
through the rehearsal of scenes from professional theater literature
and the preparation of a monologue for use in auditioning. Daily
lectures and discussion forums will be held on various topics
affecting the Christian actor in the world of modern theater. The
week will climax in a performance for the community featuring the
students’ work from the week. Students will learn how a Christian
can impact the culture through theater while still maintaining a
strong faith and excellence in art.


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